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Majestic Alexandrite for June birthstone

The birthstone for June is Alexandrite, an extremely rare gemstone and a fairly modern one to boot.

Unlike most other birthstones it does not share an ancient history or lore due to the fact it was first discovered in the 19th Century. Whilst there is no certainty surrounding the exact circumstances of its discovery in Russia, and a few different theories how the gem gained its name, what quickly became clear is that something very special indeed had been unearthed.

A stone that shows a beautiful green or minty blue-green in daylight, and a raspberry red or purple in incandescent light, Alexandrite was like nothing that had been seen before. After its discovery Alexandrite was so prized that it swiftly became a favorite in the Russian Royal jewels and its regal beauty has been highly prized ever since.

Alexandrite can be found in stones that range from warm tones to cool tones and its stunning colour change effect can even sometimes grace cats-eye stones, though this is very rare.

Nowadays it is sourced from different locations around the world. It is said to bring luck, good fortune and love. It also strengthens intuition, creativity and imagination. Alexandrite encourages romance. It reminds us of our purpose in life and our origin. It gives hope to those going through difficult times in their lives, bringing them strength and reminding them of the light. With its changing colour, it is a reminder that life is not always as it seems.

June babies really are lucky, not only do they have a majestic, colour change gem against their birth sign but Pearl and moonstone are also associated with June too.

Aesthetically a different ball game, the organic gem pearl can be found in a variety of colours and are prized for their soft ‘luster’. Historically they were once the most prized gemstone of all. They are said to soften and compliment the complexion and are considered symbols of wealth and purity.

Moonstone is an often overlooked gemstone but holds no less fascination. Moonstone comes in a variety of colours and displays what we call ‘adolescence’, a beautiful soft reflection effect from inside the stone. Moonstone can also sometimes be seen as a cats-eye stone. It is said to protect the wearer from harm, cool a fever and bring good fortune in matters of love.

We are always fascinated by the natural beauty and majestic nature of gemstone, especially when it comes to Alexandrite. This rare gemstone is also a worthwhile investment. And what happen when you set it in a bespoke design jewellery? You have a heirloom that will be treasured forever.

Contact us today at to source your perfect gemstone and create unique jewellery for you to adorn everyday.

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