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Our Ethics

Doing good, start from the source.

Luxury jewellery makes you feel and look amazing, and should also be a force for good. We care deeply about where our products come from and how our jewellery is made. It’s a journey, and we are committed to ensure our materials are responsibly sourced, and our products are made in a sustainable way. We’re always working towards improvement too, ensuring that the production of our pieces is kind to the environment, while maintaining high standards to deliver you the ultimate in luxury.


All of our gemstones and diamonds are sourced from reputable suppliers. We contribute to an ethical way of sourcing fine material and improving the local communities where our gemstones are from, and where our products are made. How? Through fair wages, good working conditions, fair treatment and transparency. This is the foundation to help improve people’s life – a better community and a better, fairer world.

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