About  Us

At the core of Kimjoux is a strong belief in the power of

collaboration and empowerment.

For the woman building her own legacy, Kimjoux empowers her to create her own version of perfection and tap into her own power.

Be A Story Maker!

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A Hanoian native, Trang has lived in London since her early teens. Starting 3 generations back, her family history as antique goods dealers has fueled her obsession for fine jewellery and her love for old world charm.


Trang began her career in fine jewellery over a decade ago, working in strategic roles for luxury brands including Cartier and Graff Diamonds.  That initial glimpse of the luxury world made her reflect on personal experiences and passion. 


“Kimjoux was born out of a desire to create a destination that champions your vision and aspiration. creating fine jewellery not just for special occasions. 

For me, jewellery is  personal.  A form of self-expression that has meaning and a feel-good factor.

I believe in its power to inspire through generations"

We embrace the unique, encourage self-expression, triumph creativity and self-investment.

Every personal experience and moment is completely unique.

Every story, decision and ambition your own.

We inspire you to write your own story, empowering you through style and individuality, with fine jewellery that experiences life with you, celebrates your precious moments and your incomparable identity.


In 2020, we won the "Collection of the Year 2020, Ethical Jewellery" Award by Professional Jeweller. 

And in June 2021, it was announced that Kimjoux is a finalist of UK Jewellery Awards 2021, by Retail Jeweller. 

We have made it into TWO categories "Young Jewellery Designer of the Year" and " Ethical Jewellery Business of the Year".