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Our Designs
A symbol that reminds you of  your achievements, your precious memories and something that you are proud to wear every day.
Kimjoux Bespoke Design Sketch and Diamond Selection

In a fast-moving world, constant change and mass production, there are still things that we hold dear and want to keep forever. There are memories and moments that are precious. There are individualities we want to express, that are worth casting in gold. This is why we design versatile jewellery. Crafted for the modern women, our jewellery is inspired by the power and multi-faceted beauty of nature, individuals, culture and tradition.


We toy with the idea of perfection and imperfections. We explore the beauty in organic shapes and perfectly formed geometry. Our designs are stylish and clean, yet bold, pushing boundaries, as you do in your everyday life. Kimjoux reflects you, your true self and your journey.


The everyday is beautiful. Our pieces are crafted to inspire your everyday, through the highs and the lows, the beautiful yet simple moments, and those memories that will last forever.

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