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Saying your love in colour

Valentine’s Day is forever connected with roses, champagne, diamonds and chocolates – but there’s a very clever way the you can package all of these together for the ultimate in Valentine’s Day giving. Discover how you can say your love with diamonds & gemstones with this Kimjoux guide.

Chocolate Diamonds

It wasn’t until the 1980s when interest in coloured diamonds began to rise. Emerging from Australia’s Argyle Mine - one of the world’s largest chocolate diamond mines – these diamonds began to capture the world’s imaginations; they were loved for their earthy quality and rich depth of colour.

While brown diamonds are not uncommon, not every brown diamond became a Chocolate Diamond.

Chocolate Diamonds are more easily accessible than their colourless counterparts, but their rich dark brown tones deliver a fabulous contrast with a colourless white diamond – making the Chocolate Diamond a delicious find and a fun addition to your collection.

Cognac Diamonds

For some diamonds, they are too light to be considered a Chocolate Diamond but they have a colour which prevents them from being a white diamond. Working well together, the light of the Cognac Diamond and the deep hues of a Chocolate Diamonds look stunning on the same piece. They also offer a wonderful his and hers option for the couples who are looking for something a little bit different from the norm.

The Cognac Diamond nestles between the light and creamy-yellow Champagne Diamond and the more mocha-like Chocolate Diamonds. Again, mostly being mined from the Argyle Mine in Australia, the brown colour in a Cognac Diamond comes from light that was absorbed into the diamond’s crystal lattice while it was being formed in the Earth’s crust. Rather than a defect, these Champagne, Cognac and Chocolate Diamonds are actually history in the making, having captured a moment of light that’s been held forever across millions of years.

As with the Chocolate Diamonds, Cognac Diamonds attract a lower price tag and will add a dash of interest to your collection.

Roses Are Red……and rubies are too!

Who wouldn’t want to be presented with a beautiful red ruby that will last forever, rather than a set of a dozen stems?

Red is the colour of love and passion and there are few more fiery ways of saying ‘I love you’ than the scarlet tones of a ruby. A ruby is not a red diamond. Instead, it is a type of the mineral corundum. Sapphire is also a type of corundum, but known for its vibrant blue colour. Rubies are made red by the element chromium. Ruby is considered to be one of the cardinal gems, joining emerald, amethyst, sapphire, and diamond.

Dazzling Diamonds

If you want to stick to diamonds but show your love with the colour red, then the red diamond could be the stone for you. Red diamonds are extremely rare, makes it a fabulous investment with prices only seeming to rise.

Red diamonds are coloured by a rare occurrence in the stone’s atomic structure. Fancy red diamonds range from a purple red to a deep pink. The stronger the hue, the more expensive the stone.

We’re here to help you connect with the perfect gift for your loved one. As well as beautifully made pieces, we can also create bespoke pieces around your tastes to help you say your love in colour. Through our personal luxury service, we’re committed to helping you find the perfect pieces.

As always, we welcome you to book a private consultation with us to start sourcing the perfect gemstones, and create your personal treasure.


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