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While other gemstones have fallen in and out of favor, sapphires have always remained a gemstone of choice for many wearers. For some, this is down to its rich blue hues, however the sapphire has hidden depths and properties that make those born in September luckier than most.

September’s birthstone, Sapphire has long been considered a weapon in the fight against evil, protecting the wearer from stress or harm – and snakes. Throwing a venomous snake in a container made from sapphire would kill the snake outright, although we much prefer to see sapphires dancing in the light as it hangs from an earring or sparkle on a finger.

It’s no wonder, perhaps, that the sapphire’s protective qualities are what make it so popular within the engagement ring setting. Indeed, one of the most famous engagement rings of all time – Princess Diana’s – is now worn by Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. Sapphires may protect the wearer from harm, but they also capture the essence of togetherness as they are said to represent honesty, loyalty and trust.

The sapphire gemstone is most usually blue, however sapphire stones can be much more colourful and dynamic than you might at first think. Sapphires can also be found in many other colours, such as yellow, pink and orange. Some coloured sapphires can sit between two colours, with purple/pink or orange/pink stones being the most commonly found. It’s incredible to think that a stone so closely associated with the colour blue can in fact be so many other colours.

Parti-colored, or 'phenomenon' sapphires take on different colours under different light, changing colour as they move between natural day light and electrical light. These sapphires offer the wearer a different experience as they will come to understand how their stone will react in different circumstances.

Clear, or white, sapphires closely resemble diamonds, but allow the wearer to reflect their personality while opting for something a little more unusual. A clear sapphire is the perfect choice for an engagement ring for a September birthday, but for someone who also might want a timeless and classic solitaire engagement ring setting.

Kimjoux jewellery offers a design that can be personalised with the addition of a sapphire. You may wish to try a classic blue or we can look to source something more unusual. We also offer a selection of ethical sapphires that can be included in our bespoke designs.

To discuss customisation or bespoke sapphire pieces, contact us or book a call for a virtual appointment.


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