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Spring cleaning Your Jewellery Box

With the arrival of the lighter, brighter days of spring, many of us take the opportunity

to freshen up our homes after the long dark months of winter. But, do you ever

include your jewellery box in your spring cleaning? It’s easy to clean and dust

around our jewellery collection without pausing to consider the treasures that we

hide in storage. If jewellery isn’t worn or handled, it can lose its lustre and, with such

small settings, they are the perfect nooks and crannies for dust to collect in.

Let your pieces sparkle and shine in the warmth of the sun.

Clean Your Jewellery At Home

Jewellery is delicate and it can require special consideration before you start to clean

it. Now is also the time to separate your collection into gemstones that can be

cleaned at home and ones that won’t sustain home cleaning.

Diamonds can be easily cleaned. However, if you have pieces that contain “soft”

gems such as emeralds, opal, pearl or jet, it’s better to keep these out of water as they may develop

cracks and fissures.

If you are unsure, Contact Us and we will be happy to assist you.

To clean the gemstones and settings at home, it couldn’t be simpler.

All you need is a little time, some warm water, washing up liquid and a soft

toothbrush. It’s often said that a soft bristle, baby’s toothbrush is the perfect tool for cleaning precious jewellery.

Simply place your jewellery in warm water and a little washing up liquid for about half

an hour to help loosen any dirt or dust caught in the setting or links. Then, use the

toothbrush to brush the debris out. Rinse under clean water and leave to dry or pat

dry on a clean soft cloth. You can then also use a jewellery cloth to buff your clean

pieces when they are dry.

Check Your Settings

This is the perfect opportunity to check your pieces. Fine jewellery can be very

intricate, even if the settings hold large gemstones. Jewellery should be loved and

cherished. Even though pieces are often made from metal, it needs a little bit of

TLC and a check over to make sure that everything is as it should be.

Ensure that your claws still clasping the stones and check to make sure that closures

are closing fully and not sticking, half-shut. Inspect all stones to make sure they are

not loose and then check chains to make sure that they are not dented, or they might

break completely.

Reimagine Your Pieces

Sometimes, your jewellery has been languishing in your jewellery box because you’ve fallen out of love with it or it represents a different time in your life. The same can be said of a family heirloom. The sentiment can mean the world, but the setting or style may not be to your taste. Rather than hiding it away from the world, why not give it a new lease of life with a re-design?

At Kimjoux, we can create an entirely new piece that captures the essence of your piece but we can bring it bang up to date or add to the piece with other gemstones or a refreshed design. There are so many options that we can help you explore.

Book an appointment with us today to explore your options.

You can speak to us on Zoom, or come see us in person to discuss your bespoke

designs and view our collections.

If you enjoy this blog post, drop us a hello & forward it to your jewellery-loving friends!

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