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Colour for Passion

Ruby variety - Sourced GIA

July's birthstone, the ruby, is considered to be the king of the gems, known for its vibrant red colour.

If there was ever a gemstone more fitting to signify love, we've yet to come across it. In fact, the ruby's brilliant red hues are such a perfect symbol of love that it's become an increasingly popular choice for engagement rings.

It is believed that a ruby will protect its wearer from evil and illness as well as bestowing good fortune, so I think you will agree a wonderful choice to give a loved one.

Ruby in marble deposit - Sourced GIA

Rubies are one of the hardest natural gemstones around and their overall colour can sometimes give a clue as to where they originated. Burmese stones are often tinged with purple, while Thai rubies have a slightly brown tone. Although one thing's for certain - rubies are ideal for unique statement jewellery!



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