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Topaz Rough Stone - Sourced Gia.com

Topaz, the birthstone of November, is particularly helpful at this time of year. November is typically a dark month, with myths and legends taking centre stage. Topaz is a gem stone that’s associated with the Egyptian Sun Gold and healing. It’s not only the Egyptians that believed in Topaz’s capabilities. Arguably taking things one step further were the ancient Greeks, who believed that Topaz could increase an individual’s strength and could even make you invisible!

Europe in the 1300s to the 1600s might have witnessed the Renaissance and the Age of Discovery, yet Europeans believed that Topaz could thwart magic spells and dispel anger. To wear Topaz above the heart in India brings long life, beauty and intelligence – just imagine the powerful message that a Topaz necklace or pendant will send the wearer. Topaz has strong links with India, with some scholars tracing the name’s origin back to Sanskrit, the ancient language of India, where the word topaz means ‘fire’. Topaz is also excellent for cleansing the aura and for relaxing and releasing tension at any level.

Topaz Variety - Sourced Gia.com

Topaz is said to bring the wearer true love, friendship and success and to help with communication. That’s perhaps why Hollywood superstar, Anne Hathaway, is such a fan.

As well as its healing properties, Topaz offers protection to the wearer. It could be down to its - typically - rich yellow brown tones, but Topaz represents opulence, generosity, vibrancy and strength. To possess this gemstone brings the owner true love, friendship and success.

While Topaz is often thought of as a yellow, golden, orange stone, it can, in fact, come in a number of different colours and hues. Topaz also presents as a fiery pink-red stone or a sky blue. While many blue Topaz are naturally occurring, colourless Topaz can be treated with irradiation and heat to create fabulous blue Topaz. The rainbow effect seen in “Mystic Topaz” is created by coating colourless topaz with a thin artificial film.

Blue Topaz - Sourced Gia.com

Blue Topaz has a legion of fans, including Cate Blanchett, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and Jennifer Lopez, and it features regularly on the red carpet as it comes in large gems that create statement pieces. Blue Topaz also gets the royal seal of approval as the Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine Middleton, has been often seen sporting a pair of blue Topaz and diamond drop earrings.

Topaz is a powerful stone but one that brings great strength and support to the wearer. Topaz can be breath-taking, especially when viewed as larger gems. If you happen to be in Madrid, then it’s well worth a trip to Programa Royal's Art Natura complex, where you can view the world's biggest blue Topaz – the Marbella Topaz. At 8,225 carats, this expertly cut, oval Topaz, it is staggeringly pure and transparent and has to be seen to be believed.

Using powerful and meaningful gemstones to set in a piece of jewellery that personal to you, are what we love the most. Have a look at our new Bespoke by Kimjoux Collection, which was recently nominated for Ethical Collection of the Year 2020 by Professional Jeweller Award. Our stunning and colourful gemstones are ethically sourced, ready to be set in a bespoke piece of jewellery just for you.

Kimjoux Luxe Jewellery box featuring Eclipse necklace

When we put on a piece of jewellery, we do so in the sanctuary of our own home. Once we leave, our jewellery stays with us as we navigate our way through the day, equally comforting us as it sparkles on a finger or glints on a wrist and empowering us as we know that we’re letting our true personality shine.

Wearing a piece of jewellery that dazzles with quality and prestige only amplifies a feeling of self-worth. Quality jewellery isn’t really about showing the world that your worth something, but it’s about underlining your own value to yourself and showing yourself that you are something very special.

The fact that your jewellery pieces are things of exquisite beauty only bolsters that sense of strength and self-belief, transforming an every day into a fabulous day. When you are buying for someone else, the stakes are even higher. However, there are a few tips that you can count on to make sure that your gift dazzles and delights in equal measure.

Kimjoux Luxe Jewels Box - gifts for her

Show her you know her

Jewellery is a personal choice – but that’s personal to the wearer rather than the purchaser, yet it is so often overlooked. When choosing a piece, consider the wearer’s likes and lifestyle. Make sure that it can be worn every day – a huge gem makes a statement but it has to linger in the jewellery box, too impractical for daily wear. Think about practicality, investment and versatility. At Kimjoux, we design for modern life, so our pieces are painstakingly designed, unique and breath-taking, but they transcend fashions and can be worn every day. Jewellery with a story is great, but jewellery with HER story is invaluable.

Quality is paramount

Fine jewellery should last a lifetime, so you should be choosing from a selection of the finest gems and precious metals. A good jeweller will be proud of the prestige and quality that they use and will want to explain the provenance of the gemstones that they work with. You’re investing in their experience and knowhow as much as you’re investing in the jewellery, so don’t hesitate to check the stones for their ethical origins or carat of the gold. At Kimjoux, we only use 18 solid gold and natural gemstones, all responsively sourced. Make sure that you know exactly what you are buying.

Kimjoux Luxe Jewels Box featuring bespoke diamond ring set

Jewellery lasts forever

This Christmas could be a very emotional time. 2020 has been a tough year and you might want to take this opportunity to show someone just how much they mean to you. Finding something, anything, to buy can be really obvious but by selecting and choosing a piece of bespoke jewellery, you are demonstrating that you have thought of nothing but them while you were choosing and it says that this relationship is serious and enduring, just like the jewellery. While 2020 might be a year we’d love to forget, you could also make a commitment to choosing a gift that shows her that both her and her legacy are of note, presenting her with a piece that she can pass to the next generation.

We have several gifting options, all of which can be tailored to your needs. You can choose from our ready to wear collections or chose from our bespoke options. BBeyond gifting experience service offers both the buyer and the wearer a gifting experience that goes beyond expectation and creates a piece to remember and a memory that you will both never forget.

Browse our collection and bespoke offering to get you started, and why not contact us to see how we can help you create the perfect gift, for you both.

Tourmaline variety - Sourced GIA.com

If your birthday is in October, then you’re in for a treat. October’s gemstone is tourmaline and this chameleon of a gem comes in a plethora of different colours and hues.

You may see tourmaline more often than you think, maybe even mistaking a the intensely green chrome tourmaline for an emerald. While often a dark, blackish stone, tourmaline comes in many different shades, from a pale pink to a vivid blue. Gwyneth Paltrow wore a stunning pink, off-the-shoulder gown to the Oscars 2015 and finished her outfit with fabulous drop pear-shaped earrings of diamonds, sapphires and rich pink-red tourmaline gems.

Tourmaline Rough Stone - Sourced Gia.com

Ranging from a dark, violet blue to a greenish blue or a brown and orange toned stone, tourmaline is versatile and adaptable. As well as being one colour, tourmaline can even be more than one colour within one stone. One of the most common tourmaline colour combinations is a green and pink gem that is known as watermelon tourmaline. Like a slice of watermelon, this tourmaline is pink in the centre with a ring of green around it and these gems are typically cut to capture this colouring.

Found and currently mined in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Russia, Myanmar and Sri Lanka, tourmaline is also found in two particular US states, California and Maine. Tourmaline is found in several African countries, including Madagascar, Namibia, Mozambique, Tanzania, Nigeria, and Malawi. Minerals found in the ground and earth around the tourmaline deposits are thought to determine the colour of this often-three-sided prism shaped gems, with magnesium creating black and bluish-black gems, while magnesium-rich stones are brown to yellow.

Tourmaline Variety - Sourced GIA.com

A helping hand

Gemstones are often used for healing purposes and this is certainly the case with tourmaline. Creating a piece that incorporates a tourmaline stone will help to bring the wearer compassion, serenity and balance, with tourmaline used to represent reconciliation.

Adaptable and Versatile

The stone associated with an 8th wedding anniversary; tourmaline offer the ultimate in versatility. When creating a piece of jewellery, we can use tourmaline more than once in a piece but use an entirely different colour of stone each time. Tourmaline is perfect for jewellery pieces that may not be worn every day as the stone is a little less hard-wearing than diamonds. It’s for this reason, perhaps, that tourmaline isn’t often used in engagement rings, but rather for stand out statement pieces that are to be worn and enjoyed for particular occasions.

Fascinated by natural gemstones and its beauty? Contact us if you want to know more and to discover what we can offer you, from fully customised pieces to bespoke, all ethically made.

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