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LOX Secure Locking Earring Backs

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Secure Locking Earring Backs by Lox - set of two pairs

Lox are an amazing new secure earring back. Despite being only slightly larger than traditional earring backs,their clever design actually locks onto the earring post – yet they are easier to remove than traditional backs – but only when you want to.

- Hypo-allergenic: The part that contacts the skin is made from biocompatible plastic – the same as is used in medical joint implants, so no worries about allergic reactions.

- Works with 99% of all stud earrings no matter how thin or thick the earring post

Lox are very easy to use. Simply push on and then when you want to remove them, just squeeze off.

So now you can replace your traditional bullet earring back and butterfly scrolls with a secure earring back that will not loosen over time and fall off!

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