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Eclair Velvet Ring/Earrings Box

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Product Details

Our mission is to create a lifestyle destination, a personal one.

We love the finishing touches, the extra bit that make shopping therapeutic and your life filled with happy memories & personal treasure.

These ring boxes are hand made with top quality silk velvet found in France and Italy, crafted by skilled craft women, made to order.

The metal monogram will live on your boxes forever, and the one that has golden color is also covered with 24 carat gold!

Our partner carefully selected materials which reflect the highest level of luxury and gives the aesthetic and tactile joy. Every product is handcrafted and can be customized for satisfying the most refined tastes and to embody the courageous desires of the customer.

You get something more than just a jewelry box. You get your own Objet D'art. Live the extraordinary! Gift the extraordinary!

Very Limited Stock available

Product details:

- Silk velvet

- Elongated box Measured 8 x 4.5 x 4.5mm

Our material is carefully selected and each box is lovingly hand-made by artisan in Ukraine. Currently bespoke orders are taking much longer than usual. Click here to view our ready-to-ship items.

Looking for even more choices on colour and shape? Contact us

Thank you for choosing Kimjoux to create your jewellery treasure

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